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Adam Elements C1 – Car Charger Black


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Highlights: 3 years warranty Apple MFi-Certified Quality Certification - MFi,CE,FCC,RoHS Supports iPhone and iPad series for Power Delivery (PD) fast charging up to 30W (15V/2A) Connecting all the Type-C laptops including MacBooks to iPhone and iPad Seamless connectors provide stable data transmission Nylon braided cable and SR strengthened connectors for improved durability Strengthened connector with aluminium casing ensures a long-lasting product life Adhesive strap included, say goodbye to all the mess 90L Type design reduces the stress on the connector and perfectly connects devices Brand: ADAM Elements Features: Charging: Easily empower iPhones (2017+) and iPads (2016+ with a Lightning connector) to reach 50% capacity in 30 minutes. Aluminium Casing Strengthened Connector: Inside the seamless USB connector is a lightweight, narrow tinned steel casing that reduces electromagnetic interference and also provides stable housing for stable data transmission and guaranteed longer life. Exclusive Velcro Strap for Less Mess: For those who like to keep everything in order, each ADAM elements cable comes with a complimentary velcro strap that tidies up the otherwise messy bundle in place. *C20B - short length without velcro strap, LC30B - comes with a clip holder. Nylon Braided Cable: Make no mistake, the unique nylon-braided ADAM elements cables distinguish themselves from ordinary white ones and are much more durable, withstand more usage cycles and intensive,…
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