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Terms and Conditions for Service


Pick Up and Drop Service


  • The pick-up and drop service program (“Service”) is provided by Maple Digital Technology International India Pvt. Ltd. (“Maple”) for In Warranty as well as Out Of warranty (“OOW”) products of Apple, i.e. iPhones, iPad, iPod, MacBook, iMac, Apple Accessories, Apple Watch and Homepod (hereinafter referred to as “Device”). The Device coverage under this Program may change from time to time.


  • This Program will be valid till further Notice for areas falling within the municipal limits of Mumbai Metropolitan Region only.


  • The service is offered only for Apple Products irrespective of their warranty.



  • While making the request, you will be required to share your details such as your name, mobile number, email id, Problem in device , address  from where the device needs to be picked-up and dropped. The customer needs to ensure that all the details provided by you are correct and agrees that once the registration process to avail the Service is completed, Maple will not be held responsible for loss incurred by customer on account of any incorrect information provided by Customer at the time of registration.


  • Upon making the request, pick up & drop agent (“Agent”) will contact you for confirmation on your registered pick up request number and upon such confirmation he will visit for pick up.
  • In case of Out Of Warranty device repair Service/ Pick up and Drop charges are free, If the repair quote is not approved after diagnosis then handling/ inspection charges applicable as per Service Centre Policy.In case of Out Of Warranty device – handling/ inspection charges will be applicable as mentioned below,- Handling & inspection charges for Watch , iPad, iPhone, Air Pods & Home Pod will be INR 990/- ( including Taxes)
    – Handling & inspection charges for Mac/ iMac Devices will be INR 2500/- (including Taxes)
    – Handling & inspection charges for Accessories will be INR 500/- (including Taxes)


  • Service Center will inform about the repair charges (Spares Replacement) before carrying out repair in case of OOW products.


  • Once you handover the Device to Agent,  it will be deemed that you have given your consent to  Service Center(s) to approach you and send communication/information to you regarding this services through call/SMS/email.


  • All Pick up device will be Picked up within 24 business Hrs once we receive your request.


  • Pick up and drop of the Device will happen from your registered address only, provided at the time of raising the request.


  • You must check the ID of Agent before handing over the Device. An OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number at the time of pick-up, which will be acknowledgement of handing over of the Device. The OTP needs to be provided to the Agent.


  • You are advised to take data backup before handing over Device to the Agent. The Service Center will not be responsible for any data loss during this service or repair. No claims of any sort shall be entertained against Maple Service Center(s) with regard to data loss.


  • You are advised to format the Device and also remove SIM card before handing it over to the Agent for service/repair.


  • You are advised to turn off the FMI (Find my iPhone / Find my Mac) from your device before handing it over to the Agent for service/repair.


  • Once your Device reaches the Service Center(s), the same will be examined by Apple Certified Technician and upon physical verification an estimate of the repair service will be communicated to you via email/phone/SMS in case if device is not covered under Warranty.


  • Upon your confirmation and consent to proceed with the repair, Service Center(s) will share payment link with you for making the payment for the repair service. Once you make the payment for the repair service, Service Center(s) will carry out such repair and deliver the Device to you through its Agent at your registered address only.


  • In-warranty repair shall be carried out subject to warranty validation upon submission of device and technician diagnosis, Customer need to provide Proof of Purchase documents in case of Accessory Purchased separately.


  • Charges once paid shall not be refundable.


  • The Customer shall take delivery of the product within thirty (30) days after repair or un repair intimation over email/phone or in writing by the Service Centre. In the event customer does not take the delivery within thirty (30) days, Service Centre reserves the right to scrap the product.


  • By availing the service, it would be deemed that the customers have given their consent to Maple to contact them through call, SMS or email on the details provided by them for the purpose of this offer or for any future communication from Maple.


  • Maple reserves the right to change/alter/modify/extend/annul this Program or modify any terms and conditions mentioned herein at any given point of time at its sole discretion and without any prior notice.


  • During the service ordering process, you must notify Maple of any unauthorized modifications, or any repairs or replacements not performed by Maple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”), that have been made to your product. Maple will not be responsible for any damage to the Device that occurs during the repair process that is a result of any unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacements not performed by Maple or an AASP. If such damage occurs, Maple will seek your authorization for any additional costs for completing service even if the product is covered by warranty or an AppleCare service plan. If you decline authorization, Maple will return your product unrepaired in the damaged condition without any responsibility. Maple reserves its right to charge handling fees for such cases.